SparkWeb Modifications


I’ll preface this by saying that I am not that familiar with Flex but going through the code it looks fairly straight forward,unfortunately I don’t have time to dig deeply into the code for these modifications and I was hoping that somebody could be kind enough to be point me in the general vicinity of where I need to look to accomplish the following:

1 - I need to remove the ‘Create Account’ and ‘Server’ elements from the main page. The server needs to be hard coded and the server uses an external authentication database so account registration is disabled internally.

2 - The server is located at ‘’ but the users JID’s should be ‘’. I see some references to JID being myUser + myServer + myResource so I assume I’m going to have to do some splitting here but I’m not sure if I’ve found all the right places to do this and still have it properly connect to

Any tips or direction anybody could offer would be greatly appreciated.


1 is pretty trivial. Check out LoginDialog.mxml

2… I think all you need to do is set the xmpp domain of your openfire correctly and SparkWeb will pick up the value from what it gets back from the server. I might have disabled that at one point due to some issues it was causing though; worth checking.

Would that mean building a custom build of SparkWeb based on changes to that file?

Yes, you would need to recompile.

Yes, unless you went with the autologin stuff described in the configuration docs.

For #2 - I’ve tried setting the server to with no luck, it comes back with a “Not authorized” message. I also tried setting the server to just hoping that the SRV records I have in place would allow SparkWeb to do the “Right Thing ™” but this doesn’t work either, though no error message is produced, it’s just returns to a blank login.

Is it possible the issue is with the flash cross-domain authorization? The SparkWeb application is located at but the cross-domain authorization is at, would this affect flashes ability to read this file?

I am not finding any configuration docs. Are you talking about the comments in the code?