Sparkweb not working


My openfire is working worderfully. Also spark application is also working fine. The main problem is I am not able to login into sparkweb.

My configuration is as follows

return {
server: “”,
//connectionType: “http-bind”,
connectionType: “socket”,
port: “5222”,
autoLogin: "false"
policyFileURL: “xmlsocket://”

my spark is working fine with the same creditatials

user - username

password - ******

server -

but does not work with sparkweb…

user - username

password - ******

server -

and no error also comes…

Any help would be helpful.




Update Openfire Server 3.6.2 Spark web is working in this version.

See changelog :

Openfire New Features

  • [JM-1039] - Improved unloading of child plugins in plugin manager.
  • [JM-1314] - Pack200 compression is now optional for plugins.
  • [JM-1391] - Added direct link to muc-room-occupants on admin console.
  • [JM-1499] - Updated MINA to latest version.

Openfire Bug Fixes

  • [JM-1465] - ! IQ packet without ‘id’ attribute could disconnect other users. (7 votes)
  • [JM-1495] - Flash clients can now connect to Openfire. NULL chars are now accepted by the server.
  • [JM-1115] - Stream compression is back again working. (15 votes)
  • [JM-1496] - HTTPS port is now again working with HTTP Binding. (1 vote)
  • [JM-1351] - Fixed UTF-8 problem in HttpBindServlet
  • [JM-1348] - Sessions page autorefresh was showing a blank page in some situations.

Openfire Connection Manager Module

  • [JM-1495] - Flash clients can now connect to Openfire. NULL chars are now accepted by the server.
  • [JM-1499] - Updated MINA to latest version.

I updated my server and it working wonderfullly. Thank Openfire.

I have the same problem, also in the new Openfire Version 3.6.2.

My Spark is working fine, but Sparkweb says: “not authorized”. I tried almost everything i could find in ths forum, but i do not get sparkweb work.

Does anyone know what i can try to get it work?

Now i have red5 with sparkweb put into the folder /openfire/plugins/admin/webapp/ an everythings works fine

Sparkweb in the httpdocs folder of the server doesen’t work, and red5 in the plugins folder does not work, too. I am a little bit confused right now.

But ok, i have integrated sparkweb within an iframe into my webpage and everything is ok.

I have one last question: how can i see the offered services / transports in sparkweb? I only see the ordered transports but can not search for other transports.

Thank you,