Sparkweb red5 1.0.4 & 1.0.5 login problems

Hello I have installed openfire 3.6.2 and both red5 1.0.4 & 1.0.5 on windows vista am having login problems with sparkweb first is not athorized.please try again and so try again somethimes it logsin then and some time just starts to login but switches back to the login page.So I have upgraded to red5 1.0.5 and just get not atherized.pleas try again but wont login at all after many trys and refreshing the browser still wont login at all


we were having the same problems with 1.0.4. There is already a discussion about sparkweb red5. The error I was having is in this posting and there are discussions back and forward.

Talk to Dele Olajide who been coding for red5 and is looking for testers for red5 1.0.5.

SparkWeb in Red5 plugin version 0.1.04 should work fine with Openfire 3.6.2 for both http and socket connections with Flash Player 9 and 10. Check your index.html file and make sure your browser cache is cleared of a previous version.

If you can’t fix it, I suggest you use http instead.

Red5 SparkWeb Version 0.1.05 uses TLS for socket and is broken with Openfire 3.6.2 and Flash Player 10 and the most recent versions of 9. Until Openfire is fixed, don’t use this version. It only works on old versions for Flash Player 9.


thank you for your recommendations. It looks like the best thing is to wait for Openfire to fix secure TLS.

Hi Dele I had had to switch from socket connect to http connect login is working good but the registration page after registration dos not and it still registers the user its just the page after registering dos not if you would like to test it can be found at


Attention Dele I know you are doing bug fixes.So sprarkweb is not updating status on http or socket and you end up ofline after some time and switching your online staus dus not reconnect so you have to log out and back.and no calls or chat sessions will come threw and client side still shows as online but offline on the server side

openfire debug logs

2008.12.03 21:00:45 << “[0xcf][0xf2][0x1b][0x9][0xd0][0x82]$%[0xea][0x82]+][0xd6]=’[0xd1][0x9d][0x90][ 0x12][0xe8]^[0x99]k>[0xbe]T[0xaa][0x1][0xe8][0xd2]:[0xd0][0x11][0xdf][0xa7]8[0x8 f][0xd8][0xf2][0x7][0xef][0xc9]{94[0xdf]g[0x1f][0xf2]Uk/D_c[0xc9]@Z[0xfe][0xa0][ 0xca][0xc7]v[0x18]x[0x8c]4[0xfd][0xb][0xa5][0xbd]”[0xc4][0xb0]X[0x14][0x89][0xd9 ][0xf9][0x9b][0xec][0xa1][0xfe][0xb][0xa1][\n]" 2008.12.03 21:00:45 << “>[0xd5][0xb4][0xa2]~[0x3]]4[0xad][0xc4][0xd3][0xd9][0xef][0x9d][0xe][0xfa][0xa 7][0x87][0xf]D[0xfc]wmZ=^O[0xbd][0xcf][0x94][0x1a]Q[0xa1]D[0x99][0xd8][0xa7][0x9 b]R#[0xf][0x0][0x10]S[0xc4]b[0xfb][0xcc][0xbe][0xee][0x1e]M[0xa9][0xc7],[0xdb][0 x13][0x98]N[0x83]Oh[0xb5][0xf8][\r]F[0x1b][0xb2]L[0xa7][0xf0][0xd7]7[0x9d][0x82] .[0xf9][0xcf][0xff][0xf8][0xbf]-/[0x8b][0xfb][0xf][0x1b][0x1][0x0]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 << “[\r]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 << “[\n]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 << “0” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 << “[\r]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 << “[\n]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 << “[\r]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 << “[\n]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 << “[\r][\n]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 Resorting to protocol version default close connection policy 2008.12.03 21:00:45 Should NOT close connection, using HTTP/1.1 2008.12.03 21:00:45 Releasing connection back to connection manager. 2008.12.03 21:00:45 Set parameter http.connection.timeout = 3000 2008.12.03 21:00:45 Set parameter http.socket.timeout = 3000 2008.12.03 21:00:45 Open connection to 2008.12.03 21:00:45 >> “GET /community/community/feeds/messages?community=2017 HTTP/1.1[\r][\n]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 Adding Host request header 2008.12.03 21:00:45 >> “Accept-Encoding: gzip[\r][\n]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 >> “If-None-Match: [\r][\n]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 >> “If-Modified-Since: Sat, 22 Nov 2008 00:07:48 GMT[\r][\n]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 >> “User-Agent: Jakarta Commons-HttpClient/3.1[\r][\n]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 >> “Host:[\r][\n]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 >> “[\r][\n]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 << “HTTP/1.1 200 OK[\r][\n]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 << “HTTP/1.1 200 OK[\r][\n]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 << “Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2008 05:00:43 GMT[\r][\n]” 2008.12.03 21:00:45 << “Server: Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat)[\r][\n]”

SparkWeb is not updating status on http or socket

Socket connections work fine all day long for me. I have to admit, debugging BOSH connection failures is very low on my todo list right now.

For anyone having you sparkweb disconnecting from the server and having to login again v1.0.4 try this code in your sparkweb index.html file

connectionType: conn== “socket”,

this will stop sparkweb from disconnecting from the openfire server

and change port 5229 to 5222 on PolicyFileURL will fix your login