Sparkweb sources - any developer guidance info?


Come to conclusion I need to hack sparkweb to get all the features I need presented in the way I need them.

The results may be useful to others in the spark community - if I get the mods I need working I will make the code available in due course.

Are there any developer docs for sparkweb?

I am using Flash Builder 4.7 Premium and have download the latest files from

  1. There are two directories ./trunk/sparkweb and ./trunk/sparkweb2 would I be right in assuming ./trunk/sparkweb2 holds the current version and ./trunk/sparkweb a previous version?

  2. Are there any docs in addition to the comments - in particular is there an overview?

  3. Is anyone familiar with building sparkweb using FB? What sequence do you use for building and testing?

  4. Any other information would be appreciated.

**I need to get this project moving - I am doing it for a charity providing online counselling services for people coping with disabilities which interfere with communication by voice that includes deafness, vocal cord damage and other communication or cognition impairments.

Thanks in advance - any help much appreciated - Please note I am new to this but try to learn quickly and am determined to get the required results