Sparkweb Ubuntu Linux file placement

I have openfire running on ubuntu 10.04 and I have successfully installed fastpath (COOL!)

Now I’m trying to add sparkweb but can’t see to find the correct location for the files. I tried: OPENFIRE_HOME/\resources\spank and then set the file permission (might have done that wrong) and can’t find it under 7070 or 9090

I got crafty and tried to put the files under the plugin folder with webchat…system doesn’t like that and removes the folder (not sure why)

Any help would be AWESOME…probably something simple (serious noob here)


Try this version (Ajax) It is more easier to setup and use than a flash based, though maybe it has fewer features, but it does the basic thing, you can chat in a browser.

thank you very much for your reply!

what you suggested is actually smomething I have tried. My problem comes from accessing the files through the web. The placement of the files on the openfire server doest give me access to them via the web. no matter what permissions i give…i cant reach them…

i was thinking of moving the files to a windoz iis server…just to see what i can do with it there.