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SparkWeb UI support IM Gateways?

Is there a plan for SparkWeb UI to support the IM gateways? It works if you configure the IM registration via the OpenFire admin page, but the end-user cannot set up their own IM transport registration like JWChat allows. Nor does the UI support the user adding contacts via an IM gateway easily.



I see release 1.0.0 doesn’'t address the IM Gateway question I raised a month ago.

This is a critical issue for us and is important for our decision on whether to purchase Openfire Enterprise or to go with another IM server provider.

An answer along the lines of “it’'s planned for xyz date”, or “nope…too low priority” would be appreciated.



Apologies for not answering your question earlier. For the time being, we’‘re quite busy doing bug fixes and minor new features for SparkWeb. Realistically, we won’‘t have time to add gateway support in the very near future (next month). However, we know it’‘s something that people would like to see and your input about its value is appreciated. I can’‘t promise specific dates yet, but we’'ll try to continue to be open about the roadmap.



Thanks, Matt. I appreciate the pressures you must be under.