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SparkWeb without Flash

How can I remove any reference to Adobe Flash Player in SparkWeb? I had installed both regular SparkWeb and Red5 SparkWeb to test them. I decided to use just SparkWeb and not do any audio/video at this time. I removed the Red5 plugin from Openfire. However, when I am using SparkWeb and I right click I still see the Settings… option and I can still light up my camera from inside the Adobe Flash Player Setting dialog. I don’t want my users to see this dialog. What am I missing? How can I remove it from SparkWeb?

This is a serious question. Could someone help me with a reply? I want to deploy Openfire with SparkWeb but I don’t want the users to be able to see any video/audio capability in SparkWeb. I was thinking that the basic SparkWeb client without the Red5 plugin would not have any video capablility, am I wrong? Can someone clear up my confusion?

The basic sparkweb client does not have video capability.


Sparkweb is a flash application. It is like saying remove java from openfire

as Daryl said, basic SparkWeb doesn’t have audio/video capabilities. These settings are default for any Flash application (try right clicking on flash games or ads). Some of them don’t have such settings. As far as i remember (was doing some minimal flash dev in the past), it is possible to change or disable these settings for the flash application, but you will have to modify SparkWeb source and biuld your own version to do that.

Thanks so much. That is what I wanted to know.

Yeah, I guess I just didn’t know how to ask the question in a way that made more sense. Thanks for the reply.