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Specifying DNS hostname to IP address mappings for Openfire

I have a network of systems across my network that are each running their own Openfire server, each hosting their own domain. I’m having issues with group chat between these servers because they’re trying to resolve conference.serverA.com instead of just serverA.com, which results in a failure because conference.serverA.com won’t resolve. We don’t have a dedicated DNS host server for our network, so I can’t just put entries for conference.server*.com there.

A workaround is to put entries for each system’s conference server in the hosts file on every other system that redirects the conference servers to the IP address of the system, but for reasons I won’t go into that’s a less than ideal solution for me.

Does anyone know of another solution to this? Is there a way to configure Windows Server 2003 to claim the conference DNS name as well as it’s hostname-based DNS?

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense, I can try to clarify if I’m unclear. Thanks for any help you can provide me.


Looks like I found a great solution to my own problem. I went looking through the source code and found a reference to a server property named dnsutil.dnsOverride that lets you specify internal DNS values that the server uses before trying the actual DNS server. The issue was tracked by OF-152, and works perfectly for me when I specify port 5269 in the internal DNS entries.