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Speeding up the forum?


is there a way to speed up the forum? It takes sometimes about 30secs to open a link, e.g. new posts, edit, brosing and so on.

Maybe it’‘s because I’'m surfing from Germany, but this board often appears nearly unusable.

This forum is the only site I’‘ve noticed this problems, all other sites I’'m visiting are working great.

Hi WarEagle,

Does the rest of the igniterealtime.org site work well for you? Or, is it these forums and the entire site that are slow?




mainly the forum, but also other parts which need many queries like the issues-sites.

Thanks for the additional information. Is this problem still occurring for you?

Hi Greg,

this is really a very old problem, I did already complain a lot so I wonder if you will ever fix it. Matt did say something about a new server some month ago which did not help much.



I tried to analyse the problem a little bit more in detail, it feels like the problem only appears when I’'m at work and using a proxy.

The proxy has problems to get the latest pages, I often haf to refresh the sites by hand (doesn’'t happen anywhere else).

At home (same os and browser, but no proxy) it works fine.

MAy it be the problem are the additional requests caused by the proxy?

Thanks for the additional information. We just finished making some changes to the website that have improved page load times considerably. Let us know if you see the improvement.



Since now it looks really good.

The performance has increased very much.

Only the problem of the old pages when using the proxy here at work is still there, but this also maybe a problem the company I’'m working for.

But this is unrelated to the performanceproblems!

Great, I’'m glad to hear it. Please mark this question as answered when you have a chance.