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Spellchecker missing in 2.9 version

I have noticed there are missing program preferences such as spellcheck in the 2.9.4-Snapshot, Is this because it is not full release?


Never had a spell checker.The release is complete, this function is simply not there.

My mistake, I guess … ?

is this your screenshot? I have spark 2.9.3 and I don’t have such an item in the menu)

Well no idea why we have it. It came from spark at some point.

spellcheck.jar (4.0 MB)

Merry Christmas (or whatever ‘gifting’ holiday you might observe).


I don’t know why this plugin is not present in Spark 2.9.x
Maybe @wroot knows …
I think this plugin is not very convenient.

Spellchecker plugin indeed is not available in 2.9 versions. If you have it, this is because you had it in your Spark profile when using older version of Spark and it is still in your profile after you have upgraded to 2.9.

It is not included as it doesn’t have Maven artifacts to use and Spark since 2.9 is using 3d party dependencies from Maven. https://igniterealtime.atlassian.net/browse/SPARK-1894