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Split Windows for Multiple Chats

Why can’'t we have multiple chats on separate screens rather than on top of each other. I find it is easier to keep track of multiple chats with the windows lined up side by side.

This is something that our reps have been asking for since day one. The ability to split the tabs into seperate windows would make them very happy!

This is great input, and we’‘ve been thinking about how to do this for a while now. How would you like to see it work? Something like “pop this tab out” and then be able to pull the tab back into another frame so that you’'re back to a tabbed interface?

No way! Are you really thinking to do this? Cause as mentioned above, this is probably one of the most wanted feature (check Spark wishlist thread). Though we have almost accepted that there will never be separate windows in Spark, but it’‘s nice to hear that this is still possible. Ok, though i would like to have just Windowed/Tabbed modes, so every new chat you start in Windowed mode would start in new window. But it’'s ok to just have an option to drag and drop tabs in and out of tab stack.

Hi Greg,

for me two fixed modes would be fine. This one with tabbed chats and a single-window-for-every-chat mode.

Drag-and-drop of tabs would be a nice add-on but I guess that implementing this will take very long.


But what is worrying me, it’'s a performance. Wount every separate window consume more memory than a single stack with tabs?

same for me, would love to see that feature

Thanks everyone, this is great feedback. I’'m glad to see this feature would be so well received.

I think the ability to select either a tabbed or a windowed environment would be fine for me. Some people like tabs because of screen space (myself), and some people like windows since they have 2 monitors and more screen space to use.

This is something I would really like to see! It would be so helpful, rather than toggling from chat to chat!

Showing user interective user presence icon instead of Spark Logo in taskbar windows will improve Windowed mode a lot, imho.