Sprak in phone and tablet


I have a situation here in the company, in which I have installed openfire server in each machine and the spark, are working perfectly. but to optimize needed to put an external access “sparkWEB” which also worked.

To access an external computer to my server can perfentamente because the graphical interface is very good on a computer, but the graphical interface of a tablet or mobile phone is not so good to work with.

someone could direct me to any application that might be instalaçndo in tablet and phone to be connecting to my server that would not alert the page navigation?

I’m waiting.


You should look in your device’s app store for “xmpp” and see what apps come up. On Android, yaxim is pretty nice, although it is missing some features still such as group chat. I have also used Xabber which is pretty good, but development has slowed down on it a lot.

Thanks, managed to solve the problem of the tablet and phone with ChatSecure application.

thank you

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Nice !!!

Monal works perfectly.