Spring Cleaning: 96% used on ignite01

The disk is quite full. Some things may be removed hopefully without issues.
Is it OK to delete the old bamboo stuff? There are also tons of build logs - I wonder who will ever look at them.

/opt/j2ee/domains/igniterealtime.org/bamboo/atlassian-bamboo-5.8.1 # I hope we stay with atlassian-bamboo-5.9.7

/home/j2ee-bamboo/install4j.3.* # all files from 2008

/home/j2ee-bamboo/install4j.4.* # all files from 2007-2008

/home/j2ee-bamboo/install4j.5.* # all files from 2011-2015

/home/jivehosting/* # all files from 2014

I assume that we should not delete the Contegix files, but we should get rid of them anyway.

/home/contegix/ # most files from 2010-2014

/opt/java/sdk/Oracle jdk1.7.0_15 jdk1.7.0_51 jdk1.7.0_55 jdk1.8.0_40 # keeping jdk1.8.0_60 (and unused jdk1.7.0_71 ?)


fisheye is no longer used as far as I can tell. Monitoring should be disabled and the product should be uninstalled.

Maybe you should post this in the Community Planning group (with link to this thread) so more team members will notice it. We probably should keep latest JDK 7 for a while, if we decide to move Debian builds back to Java 7.