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SQL transactions and commits?


We are using Openfire 3.6.3 with PostgreSQL as external database. For our service we periodically backup the database.

To ensure clean backups, we need to ensure that the data recorded in the database are in coherency, if possible without stopping the Openfire server.

So the question is: are Openfire and its plugins implementing SQL transactions and commit when writing to multiple tables data?

Thanks for your answer.



Hi Laurent,

To my knowledge, it does not. I have gotten by with just doing pg_dump’s while openfire is using the database.


Hi Laurent,

To expand slightly on daryl answer, Openfire’s DbConnectionManager does have support for transactions and they are used within Openfire but without going through the entire codebase it’s difficult to say if they’re used everywhere they should/could be. Of course, if knowing this piece of information is critical then you could always audit the Openfire code yourself; if you do, please report back your findings.

Hope that helps,