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Srv dns


I know that I have to create an SRV DNS record for each service i run on my open fire server in order for these services to be visible to clients not connected to the open fire server I’'m running. Can anybody tell me how the SRV DNS records can be created? Do I have to run my own DNS server to do that? Does anybody have an idea how this would be done on a windows XP platform?

thank you

Hey halos,

I think that the following link could be useful for you.


– Gato

The link provided is for DNS services on Win2k3, which will work if you have a DNS server to spare.

In the absence of an SRV record, you’‘ll need to make sure the domain’‘s A record is pointed to the public IP of the machine you’‘re running OpenFire on. It’'s not the most elegant way of doing things, but it does work.

Hey agentgrn,

A records are not a replacement for SRV records. Some servers will only look for SRV records and will not fall-back to A records. There was some discussion about falling back to A records but that is not commonly implemented yet. Openfire will use them though.


– Gato

Who provides your DNS? Your DNS provider needs to make these changes. If you run your own, then you dont have to ask anyone to do it. If someone else manges your DNS (an ISP, hosting provider, IT department, etc) then you will need to ask them to set it up. Some free DNS hosting providers wont do SRV records, but most providers will.