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SRV recorded for media proxies

Could anyone explain the process Spark takes for attempting to locate a media proxy when making Jingle calls?

From what I understand, the clients will exchange messages indicating the possible connectivity methods. If a media server is available, a message will be sent containing the domain name and port to connect on.

What I’'m unsure of is how the client works out which IP to use for the media server for that domain.

I presume it’'ll use either A records or SRV?

It should be defined using a SRV record but currently I don’'t know how to define it because I see there is no opened port by default for talking with mediaserver.

That’'s an old post!

I discovered that it actually always returns the server name, so in an SRV environment may not work.

A patch was written to allow the value to be defined using a server parameter, but that has not made it to Openfire yet.