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SSL Certificate generation questions/issues

We are trying to generate a certificate through the web interface, and are finding that the output isn’t making our CA happy. This is with Openfire 3.4.1.

The “Subject” of the request only contains the CN for the cert, but is missing the O, OU, ST etc. Our CA requires that we at least provide the ST for our state. The web interface is asking for all of the data that would normally populate these items, but it doesn’t appear to get translated when the CSR is generated. Is this something to do with the keytool/java part, or is Openfire dropping this information?

Any thoughts or ideas? I didn’t see anything specific, but I may not be looking for the right thing when I was searching for information on this.


Ha, looks like it paid off to poke around a bit more - JM-1140 in the bug tracker, apparently.

So it looks like we have to do things directly with Keytool (ugh)

Sorry to waste your bandwidth…