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SSL connnection with Spark?

Well, there is a ton of discussion about SSL and TLS and the like, but I still can’t get a simple question answered with all the available information. If I am using Spark to connect to a my Jabber server at Dreamhost, can I connect via ssl and have a secure, encrypted connection by just specifying the correct host and port under the General Preferences (I have the necessary SSL certificate and all. Self-signed though, so I hope that does not hurt anything)? Is that all I need to do for a secure connection: correct host and port? I don’t see an obvious selection for connection using SSL besides the ‘Use the Old SSL Method’ (which I am not sure if that makes the connection secure or not). With my experience with other Jabber clients, most have a selection for using SSL. In other words, how do I ensure a connection via SSL for a secure, encrypted connection with Spark? Thanks in advance for any assistance that you can provide.