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SSL Ladap Configuration ISSUE

Hello… Any help on this is much appreciated

For the fast few weeks i’ve been struggling to establish a succesful Openfire to Ldap SSL connection over port 636. Our main goal is to establish a secure connection to Ldap from the Openfire server through port 636 without creating our own Certificate Authority, due to security issues.

I have followed the documentation/ssl-guide provided by openfire, but have not been able to resolve the “java.security.Invalidkeyexception: supplied key (null) is not a RSAPrivateKey instace” error. This is the error i recieve when i loginto the openfire broweser and check the server certificates page.

Previously when we used openfire inbuilt keystore to generate a cert, using its own private key, we got the x.509, not .der file type of an error. Upon using our own private key and out own cert, we recieve the “java.security not a rsaprivatekey instance” error.

We have checked our certs they comply with x509 and .der specification. Going crazy trying to figure out why openfire will not accept our certs.

Has anyone been albe to get the ladp successfully configured using a thirdparty CA? if so please help, this is exactly what we are trying to do here and are getting no where.

Any help on this is appreciated.