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SSL Problem

I have just installed a SSL signed certificate from Verisign. To get it to work I had to install the intermediate CA certificate into the keystore. This has allowed me to import my signed certificate. However in the GUI administration console when I click on server certificates I get the error below. I am sure it is caused by having the intermediate CA certificate in the keystore. I don’'t want to delete the intermediate CA certificate in-case it breaks the chain. Any ideas how I can get around this without having to buy a new SSL certificate.


java.security.InvalidKeyException: Supplied key (null) is not a RSAPrivateKey instance
at org.bouncycastle.jce.provider.JDKDigestSignature.engineInitSign(Unknown Source)
There is more to the error, I can provide on request, It is just a bit long.

Hey Carl,

Have you tried doing a search on the forums? The same problem has been reported some time ago. I found this thread that may help you.


– Gato