SSL/TLS w/ jive_messenger_2_2_2


I saw some other posts similar to my question, but I guess my question is still unanswered. I’'d like to setup port 5222 as clear/optional TLS and 5223 as SSL only. The way I see its setup by default is 5222 clear only and 5223 TLS/SSL.

Someone said the new beta version comes this way default, but I’‘m curious if I can change this is with the version I’‘m currently using (2.2.2.)? I didn’'t really see any settings in the web admin GUI for this, but maybe its something that can be set in the jive-messenger.xml config file?

Thanks for your time.



TLS support on port 5222 is new in 2.3.0 so it’‘s not possible to get support for it in 2.2.2. We’'re likely going to be releasing a new 2.3.0 beta next week, which you may want to use. The codebase is getting quite stable.



Cool, thanks Matt.