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SSL upgrade error


I just upgrade to 2.1.4 from 2.1.3 and encoutered an error that I solved but i guess my experience could be usefull to the comunity.

I modified the keypass password and import my own certificate (in the 2.1.3), but in the new instalation the keypass is new, with standard password. You will need to change the password in the server properties to revert it to the standard one. If you don’'t do that no SSL page will show and no one can connect in ssl mode.

once you revert it to the standard you can erase the certificate, change password and import your own certificate. Remember to be able to import a new certificate, you have erase through the admin console the old one.

Hope this is usefull.

PS: maybe it will be nice to include an option in the installer asking to keep or retore the keypass.

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Yep, this issue has been reported before as JM-204. We definitely need to get this fixed for 2.2.




You should totally vote for that bug.