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SSL Warning

Today, i setup my jivemessenge2.01 to ssl in 5223 port,my client is exodus0.9,Login method is ‘‘Use SSL immediately when connected’’, during it’'s a SSL Security Warning :

''The SSL certificate received from the server has errors.

Certificate does not match host: /C=US/ST=CA/L=San Diego/O=Jive Software/OU=XMPP/CN=John Doe

Certificate fingerprint: 20:32:22:D7:F6:9E:D3:99:74:D6:61:D2:DA:FE:22:D7’’

i choice ‘‘Allow this SSL certificate for this jabber session’’,exodus can login to messenger server.

why can i earse there SSL security warning?


Hey tom,

The shipped certificate is in fact a dummy certificate. The host of that certificate is which may be invalid for you. You could try deleting that certificate from the admin console and create a new certificate. You can follow the ssl guide to learn how to do that.


– Gato