SSO Breaks with Java 7u80 and Above

fyi for anyone using SSO. It looks like Java may have made some changes that breaks SSO. JRE 1.7u79 seems to work, but anything after that does not. This also includes java 8.

There has already been a ticket created for Java 8 (OF-906), but thought I would let everyone know that the issue is in the last build of Java 7.

Please keep this in mind when working on [OF-776] Update installation package with the latest Java JRE - Jive Software Open Source


Is it only affected by Java in Openfire? Can we update bundled java in Spark to 7u80?


correct…spark sso works fine with java 7u80 and above including Java 8.

so I was looking around in the issue tracker and found this [OF-477] SASL server in OF creates digest-uri based on xmpp.fqdn but it sends xmpp.domain to the client - Jive Software …

So applied the patch that referenced GSSAPI (really more as a learning exercise). SSO now works under Java 8. The comments in the ticket indicate that this is not the correct fix, however maybe it will give the devs a good place to start?