SSO con Openfire y Active Directory

Someone has already been able to get their OpenFire and SPARK to work with SSO, I’m still looking, trying all the methods I found but they are all old, I don’t know if it’s due to the version I already have, which is very current. But if someone had it, they could share it. With SSO it would be the best

Its been a while, but it should work find as its using kerberos as the auth mechanism, and your AD is local. If its Azure AD, then I have no idea!
Regardless, I’m happy to work with you if you’d like some help.

Could you give me your help? Since everything works correctly. The only thing that until now I have not been able to implement SSO. I have windows server 2022.
Some time ago I saw a publication of a video where there was an implementation but I tried to follow it but without success. For which I turn to the community to see if someone was able to implement it satisfactorily and can help me with mine.

sure. send me a pm and we can go from there.

What is a PM sorry

private message / direct message