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SSO issue with Spark and Openfire

Hi All,

I’m working on this issue for a couple of days now.

The issue is I’m not able to make a SSO connection from Spark client to Openfire server.

I have mapped the principal, generated the keytab, and placed the krb5.ini in both the server and client machines. I’ve also made the registry changes in the client machine.

However when I try to login SSO from Spark, I get the following error in Spark UI

“Unable to check connect using Single Sign On. Please check your principal and server settings”

In the **error.log **file I get this message -

SASL authentication failed:-- caused by javax.security.sasl.saslexception:GSSExce…NO valid credential provided(Mechanical level: Server not found in Kerberos database…

After going through couple of posts here for solving the above error: I added the Domain Control host with the IP address in the host file @ c:\Windows\System32…\etc\hosts

But even this has not helped. I still keep getting the above error message in UI alert as well as the error in the error.log

Please let me know what might be wrong.

**Update: **I’ve attached screen shots from spark-debugger. Please let me know whats wrong.



See here, might be the TGS-REQ is incorrect since Spark seems to have a bug when requesting the Openfire record: