SSO with OSX Openfire 3.6 and OSX Spark 2.5.8

Hello Everyone,

Has anyone sucessfuly setup up SSO using 3.6 Openfire running on a OSX Mac paired with Spark 2.5.8 working ona Mac?

If so, any help would be appreciated. I have the “krb5.conf” created on both server and client and have verified that I have a valid kerb ticket. I’m still getting the princepal error though.


Daniel Costello

It does work on a mac (Mac use MIT kerberos, which works fine). What is the exact error messages you are getting?


Thanks for responding… The error message recieved is:

“Unabled to conect using Single Sign-On. Please check your principal and server settings.” The mention of “Unabled” is not a typo, it really says that. : )

Server and Client are both bound to Active directory with the file linked to /etc/krb5.conf.