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Stack over flow issue and LDAP Setup


I am currently trying to setup Openfire for my team at work to test with the idea of it gettign used throughout all of IT and potetnially the comapny.as a test i am installing Openfire on a windows 7 32 bit machine and using an Embedded database for test purposes

Last night i had set up the system where me and my colleague tested today, we could both sign in etc but both accounts were showing as “offline” on the server we also could not add each other on Spark.

i decided i had probably overlooked something and should set up the server with fresh eyes,

i am currently seeing two issues whilst trying to set up the server again, first every page during set up when trying to move to the next page (forward or back) i recieve a stack overflow error at line 1824.

furthermore when trying to setup the LDAP settings i feel i am possibly doing somthing wrong as once the settings are in place, i press continue, leave the next two pages as default and when pressing continue again i get a server error.

any advice on these issues (including my original from last nights setup up) would be greatly appreaciated.

I am having the same issue as you are my friend, I set up Openfire lastnight, configured it to my liking, and today i decided to uninstall it, manually remove all Openfire files from my computer, restart the PC and then try to setup the server again fresh, now that I know what I am doing.

So now i am getting the stack overflow error on every page of the setup, I can’t test the settings because the stack error prevents it from running.

I have deleted all my cookies, and history from IE8, and still not working.

I don’t want to hear that the version of explorer is outdated, as I used it yesterday and everything was fine…

HOW DO WE FIX THIS stackover flow error.

Need some help…I would like to implement this IM software in our business.