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Stack Overflow at line 1825


if i start the installation openfire 3.9.1 and after installation i go to configuration over the web i became an error like “stack overflow at line 1825”. If i click on continue the messages show me again. What can i do? I install openfire on MS Windows 2008 R2. I try to install openfire 3.8.2. but on the welcome page (after install) i became the message “Stack overflow at line 826”. I think i need help.



After the installation you run Openfire Server launcher (yellow light bulb icon)? Do you see red errors there? If you do, then run launcher via Run as administrator.

Hello wroot,

i install the openfire 3.9.1 on my server ms windows 2008 r2. After install i reboot the server and start openfire services. Openfile tell me “Openfire 3.9.1 (timestamp)” and “Adminkonsole lauscht …”. Without errors in this time. Then i click on “Launch Admin”. The Browser is starting and ask me for the language. I click “deutsch” and on the button to continue.

NOW IN THIS MOMENT the openfire server say “Stack overflow at line 1825”.

I hope you understand me. English is not really my best language.



I get that you are doing this in IE? Can you try some other browser, like Firefox. Just copy the address you get when you press Launch Admin.

I will try later. Just in this moment i repeat the installation.

The logs could contain useful information.

After new installation the same problem. I try to use firefox and i can configure the server.

This could be due the Internet Explorer Enchanced Security on the server. You can go to Server Manager > click the link Configure IE ESC and turn it off for Administrators (if you want to administer Openfire with the Administrator user) or for users. Anyway, disabling this for administrator and doing administration locally on the server is not a right thing in my opinion. You can always configure the firewalll and reach the Admin Console from your workstation by going to http://servername:9090 or http://serverIP:9090. You can also use SSL (https) for better security. So you don’t have to connect to the server and then launch browser there and expose server environment to possible threats by disabling IE Enchanced Security. But that’s you decision

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Maybe we should move the install documentation into Jive so adding this info would be more easy. With JibeX there are also ‘official’ documents.