Stand-alone gateway support

Is there funcatinality in the gateway plugin to support server side management and control only. We would like to allow non-spark users that connect with an XMPP client to have access to the gateway functionalyt the same way Spark users do.


The client would need to support the use of gateways. Many clients are direct connect for legacy systems such as AIM, Yahoo, MSN, etc

I’m thinking about users who are connecting via native XMPP with Googletalk,or iChat

iChat to the best of my knowledge does not support gateways. It is a direct connect client supporting AIM, Bonjour, and XMPP. My iChat does does not connect me to my gateway accounts configured in Openfire. I can not answer for Gtalk client at all, but i would doubt it would work either, as it was made specifically for communicating with their system.

last question… beside Spark what other XMPP client will support gateways

I can not help you here. I use spark and openfire together for some of the advanced features that two together offer. Is there a reason you do not want to use spark?

We use Spark now but have two conerns… The large download the client imposes and more importantly, there has been little to no development/update(s) in the SPark client so we are hedging our bets with another option

I can not do anything about the size of the application. I can tell you that Spark is once again in active development. I am currently running a beta of 2.6.0 on my machine. The development of Spark has become much more community driven in recent months. There is a post in the community from WinSrev asking for new feature that could be integrated in new versions.

Is the beta vaiable for controlled use… We have about 1000 active users across a few integrated Openfire servers

Howdy! There are a number of clients out there that support gateways. In general just about anything that supports disco properly can support it. Most clients you interact with gateways by doing a disco search against the server you are connecting to, finding the gateway you want to connect to, right clicking, and choosing register. Psi, Exodus, I think even Adium supports that nowadays. likewise, if you register from any normal client and/or the admin console, logging into the gateways happens automatically without the client needing to know anything about it. This is because once you register with the gateway and put it on your roster, it will see you come online and log you in.

The unusual thing about Spark is, it required not putting the gateway in your roster. So if you register from Spark, the gateway plugin has no idea that you came online until Spark explicitly tells you to. So if you register from Spark and then move to another client, the plugin will never hear you come online. This is the caveat to not having transports listed in your actual roster. =)

Thats exactly the reposen i needed. our problem has been that the users have all setup their gateway accounts via SPark so when the switch to another XMPP clien it looks like its broken rather than just neding to be re-initialized via the admin