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Standalone Flex 3 + XIFF

I am very new to Flex but have been successfully modifying examples and such. All of my work so far has been using ActionScripts rather than using MXML. Lately I’ve been modifying an application this is almost entirely coded in AS. Now, I want to integrate the XIFF code into that project but I keep getting errors when I try to use the imported classes. Could someone please give a step by step of how to add xiff_2_0_0-beta4 to the standalone Eclispe Flex environment.


im using xiff.swc with my local flex project it works fine

but when i host app to server it just do nothing

this looks loke common flash security issue but not too sure now

Did you build xiff.swc from the source or download the binary somewhere?

I’ve tried creating a library in the Flex 3 IDE by adding the org folder into a project but I get errors like this:

A file found in a source-path must have an externally visible definition.

If a definition in the file is meant to be externally visible, please put the definition in a package.

xiff/org/jivesoftware/xiff/conference InviteListener.as Unknown 1187 220824203 1

ive send u mail

btw how do u work with incoming data, say

invite messages

i has strange feeling that handy-parsing event.data isnt correct solution

r u playing with inviteListener or smthing

Working on getting the parsing to work now. At the moment I just use the incoming event to trigger a canned message. Event.data contains an unterminated string that connection.send() doesn’t seem to like.

did i get u right ?

u get invite message and than trigger connection.send()?

for now im using next code which makes alert(YES|NO) if YES u join room u where invited

import org.igniterealtime.xiff.conference.;*

  • inviteListener=new InviteListener(model.connection);*

  • inviteListener.addEventListener(InviteEvent.INVITED,handleInvited);*

public function handleInvited(event:InviteEvent):void{


Alert.show(event.reason, “Alert”, Alert.OK | Alert.CANCEL, this, alertListener, null, Alert.OK);


private function alertListener(eventObj:CloseEvent):void {

// Check to see if the OK button was pressed.

if (eventObj.detail==Alert.OK) {




Haven’t done any work on invite messages or rooms.