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Stanza.io with OpenFire 4.1.3

I’m trying to connect stanza.io (websocket and bosh) with Openfire 4.1.3 . I’m using the last version of stanza.io and I have diferent problems depending of protocol:

  • bosh: I receive no-authentication. These are the messages interchanged:
    • stanza.io->>>
    • Openfire<<<- stream:featuresPLAINSCRAM-SHA-1EXTERNALCRAM-MD5</mec h anism>DIGEST-MD5</stream:featu res>
    • stanza.io->>>
    • stanza.io->>>
    • Openfire<<<-
  • websocket: I don’t receive anything (plugin is installed)

Do you have any idea about this problem?

Best Regards,


I answer my own question. Openfire offers different protocols for validation and EXTERNAL does not work fine. I have disabled this method in sasl mechanisms, you can do this adding this server property:

sasl.mechs PLAIN




This solution is also applicable is you are using Kaiwa, because Kaiwa uses this stack. This work with BOSH

Still getting :



Client instance: { "useStreamManagement": true, "transports": [ "websocket" ], "sasl": [ "external", "scram-sha-1", "digest-md5", "plain", "anonymous" ], "jid": "test", "wsURL": "ws://localhost:7070/ws/", "server": "test", "credentials": { "password": "test" } }

FWIW, I also saw some problems with Digest and had to disable that too.