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Start Openfire with Debug enabled


I am new OpenFire plugin developer and I am trying to configure OpenFire to start with debug enabled. Is there a way to do that ? How can I set the debug level for my server.

Thanks for your help.

You can go to Admin Console > Server > Logs > Debug and enable the debug log, then restart the server. Sometimes this doesn’t work, can’t say why.

I tried it, but any restart set it back to disabled. Any alternative ? (system property ? (

I think this is the only place to enable it. As i said, often it doesn’t work, but i don’t know why. OF-429

In my case it was sufficient to do the following:

  • download the Openfire source

  • build Openfire - the binaries will be in the ./target/ folder

  • start openfire in debug mode by adding the " -debug" switch to the call to the sh or bat script

  • openfire remote debug will be by default accessible on port 8000

  • in your IDE (Eclipse, IntelliJ) create a new project from the existing Openfire sources

  • in your IDE create a remote debug configuration with a correctly configured port (i.e. 8000)

  • set the necessary breakpoints in the code (i.e. in your plugin code if you are creating a plugin)

  • start your debug from your IDE

  • do something that will trigger your breakpoints, i.e. send messages with appropriate content

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