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Start spark with windows

Hi ,

Is there any way of starting spark with windows , ie to run as a service and not have to run the .exe everytime you login


even if you found a way to run it as a service it would still be running the exe, as the exe is the program. Why would you want to run it as a service anyway. This is a chat program meant to be in front not some app running resident in the background and never interacted with.

sorry, my earlier post didnt make sense !!

I thought there may be an option to start this with windows …similar to AIM and MSN messanger , ie; when you login the programme runs automatically and signs in automatically, you get me?

That is built in to spark. The is an option start with windows in the preferences and the sign in automatically is part of the saved creditials.

There seems to be an issue with the MSI version.

It will not lauch with windows. (unless you drop it in the startup folder)

The exe appears to work.

What is the difference?


The MSI version of spark 2.5.8 has a great many issues. I tell people to not use it regularly. If you need the MSI then ask the community for a rebuilt version of it.


Should this not be noted with a bit more prominence?

So what is the proceedure to fix installations of the MSI?

Is an uninstall neccesary or can the exe just be updated?

(I must say I am concerned that there is no “stable” version later that 2007)