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Start up cost for running a OpenFire Server

Hey there,

I am wondering what the start up cost for running a basic OpenFire Server would be.

I can only think of

  1. The Web Server/Hosting Company used to host the openfire Server

  2. Domain name

  3. The OpenFire Software itself

  4. The consulant/tech support used to do setup

Is there any other things that i have missed that should be included in a start up cost?


Openfire is free, so 3) is not needed

  1. monitor the server, make backups, adjust settings

  2. care about your users, they may want to ask one when they have a problem

  1. a license for the SQL server software you use.

@ 7.) MySQL is for free and should be enough as long as you don’t want to manage ten thousands of users. (Even if that is the case, MySQL is worth a try…)