Start up support

Dear members,

I’m new to openfire, i’ve downloaded and got everything working on a windows server with MSSQL database.

A perfect job you’ve all done.

some background, i program in c#, Java (not so often), c++, objective C and android

We need to use openfire in some projects and i’ve a few questions you might be able to answer:

  • We want the ability to create a user not from the admin panel. First idea was to build a webservice in c# but we’ve found the userservice plug in that works ok. Is this the best approach? One reason looking for the plugin was issues with the blowfish algorithm that gave different results
  • I would like to use video chat, i’ve read about redfire and installed the module but it doesn’t work or i’m doing something wrong. is there more info on both video and audio chat ?
  • I would like to setup a development environment in Eclipse on a Mac, is there a download available for this?

looking forward to hear from you