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Status Changes -- what''s wrong?

Some times I get a screen similar to this here http://smilingj.net/pics_for_chicks/mass_change.png I can’‘t believe that this is the correct behaviour of the gateway plugin - but what’‘s wrong whith it or where’'s the problem?

so many status changes at the same time - thats impossible

PS: i posted this question in the asterisk-forum but marked as read becaues of the wrong forum …

A couple of things have caused this same behavior with me:

  1. I got disconnected and reconnected (since I don’'t auto-reconnect, usually this manifests itself as getting a spam of presences after changing my XMPP status)

  2. Wildfire got “caught up” dealing with some unresolvable JIDs on my list and eventually timed out and then all of my ICQ presences that were pending suddenly got through.

ok. thx. … then … i’'m looking forward to ver. 1.0