Status doesn't change back from "on the phone"

Carry over discussion from previous thread

And here is the very very latest build to try Speedy has changed JNA library (update or downgrade?) which was causing some troubles with Idle plugin

could use some feedback and testing. thanks ll4j/spark_2_7_5_785.exe

found a few issues with that build…submitted a new PR

Build seems to have fixed the “One the Phone” status not changing correctly when used with Aterisk-IM.

Currently have 10 staff using it, and all seems well.

Thanks Guys



Sadly, we are still having this issue with Spark build, Status is changing correctly to “On the phone”, but never changes back. Issue occurs on both GNU/Linux and MacOS Systems.

I would be happy to provide details if you need any, or test new builds.

Thanks for all the valuable work

Edit: Just for testing purposes I installed the Windows Client as well, build shows the same behaviour.

I’m using the asterisk-im plugin from this thread:

Help save the Asterisk-IM plugin :slight_smile:

Well, great news - it works perfectly on all systems now!

All I did was empty the “Asterisk context” field, if anyone else has the same problem :slight_smile:

This is just what we needed, our users will be very happy. Thanks again!

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Status still doesn’t change back from “on the phone” . Did try nexus_VI solution, no success…

Server 1: Openfire 4.0.2 | Asterisk-IM Openfire Plugin V1.4.1

Server 2: FreePBX

Client side: Spark 2.7.7 build 810 / Smack V 3.3.1 / JRE V 1.8.0_92

Tryed to have access to the other build, unfortunately links are broken…

I’m too using the asterisk-im plugin from this thread:

Help save the Asterisk-IM plugin :slight_smile:

Thank you for you help

its been a while since I’ve messed with this as my asterisk implementation has been put on hold. I’ll try to fire up my test stuff tomorrow (out of the office today). to see if I can reproduce your issue with the current build

Thank you in advance for your time, Looking forward to here back your finding