Status Level settings

I was thinking to maybe lower the current moderation of content value (10 points), but i can’t find how many points does a user gets for various actions. Well, i’ve found this page

But many things are unchecked. So i wonder if there is another place for this setting or how our users manage to get those points.

I did miss this one. Obviously I was following this place in a stream instead of my inbox. So I did create a new discussion, maybe we should restore the old Jive 5.x settings and disable these useless settings which are currently active. I wonder how users get points currently. There may be indeed another place to configure points.

I don’t quite understand what old settings you want to restore. And which ones are useless now? The one for spam control is useful (limiting how many points a user should have before posting without moderation), but it is a lot of work approving dozens of posts every day. And users are waiting for the approval. I would tweak a little how they get points, so they would be able to post freely after the first post has been approved in the moderation. Because now i think i have to approve more than one post for a new user. Spammers won’t get any post approved anyway.

I wrote the details in Points broken? before I saw that you noticed a very similar problem 3 days ago.

I want the users get points for posting and replying - we may need to increase the point limit then to 10-50 (currently it is set to 5).

I agree that approving multiple posts is not what we want. On the other hand one does never know whether the first post is just a dummy post (aka “I have the same problem.”) to test moderation.

Jive seems to offer also other ways to get points: “If you are moderating new user content based upon points, be aware that the Korean Spammers know the Jive platform very well and will being earning points outside of discussions. For example they will search, like/rate content, and post personal blogs (not moderated by points). Also if you give points for tags, they still get the points even if the content hit the moderation queue.” (source

LG wrote:

On the other hand one does never know whether the first post is just a dummy post (aka “I have the same problem.”) to test moderation.

Currently i don’t see it’s happening (posting a dummy posts, usually it is just a mass posting of the same spam message). So maybe we should set it according to the current situation and not make ourselves to approve 5-10 first messages of a legitimate new user.

I agree (if possible) to leave enabled only points for new discussions (docs also maybe?) and replies. We can also have additional points for Correct/Helpful, but this is not so important, especially if this can be exploited.

The part about tags is amusing. Jive knows that spammers know about it and they don’t fix it? (facepalm)