Status not show in client

I’'ve just compiled Jive Messenger from source.

I have 3 clients connected:

  • User 1 on Trillian

  • User 2 on Exodus

  • User 3 on Cocinella

All successfully log in and retrieve the rosters, however none of the clients show that any other client is online. The web interface shows all 3 as online.

Can anyone give me some ideas as to where I’'ve got a problem?

I’'m running Jive Messenger 2.2.0 (as compile from source)

I have the same problem.

I run 2 client connected to my local Jive server. Both of them is connected but its status is still offline in both 2 client applications.

I already test by register 2 account in other servers (in Internet), some have the same problem and some are not. I dont know ?!. Can you help me, my Dear?

Hey guys,

The usual reason for this problem is that the JID of the user that was added to the contacts list was not correct. Make sure that you added a JID of the form to your contact list. Once you have added the user to your contact list the added user should get a message asking to authorize the other user to see him online. Accept the authorization and that would be it.


– Gato


I’‘m pretty sure this isn’'t the problem as when i used the pre-compiled version with the same database it worked perfectly.

I’'ll temporarily disable the self-compiled version and re-try the compiled one to make sure it still works.

– Additions

Further to this, I just remembered that I was running off a jive version i installed with apt-get, and it now reports it is no longer available.

I tried using the tar.gz to install, but at run time i get the following error:

Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/install4j/runtime/Launcher

It’'s kinda way beyond me where the error is.

In relation to having the incorrect user IDs, at the moment everything is being done by the roster groups.

My specific reason for wanting to run my own compiled version is because I want to disable the fucntionality that displays the user a list of all other users in their group. I found this bit of code and commented out the line, but it doesn’‘t go anywhere near the status reporting, and when I uncomment the line it doesn’'t resolve my issue.

If someone has some time to help me with this I am happy to provide access to my system if required to try and resolve this.

Okay, I’‘m bewildered now. 5 minutes after restarting the server one of the contacts appear on the other’‘s list, but it didn’'t happen in the other direction. I think the user began showing as online once their status changed to “away”.

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Okay, I feel like an idiot now.

I just realised that I’'d upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2… looked at the new database layout, made the required changes and it works a charm now.

at this point i think i’'ll go and hide under a rock of being so stupid as to miss something as simple as that.

hope my mis-fortune helps someone else

Thanks you very much. I have solve my problem. Thanks again.

(JID: I think just ID, because there is another field for server gateway. ):slight_smile: