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Status Not Updating Inside the Chat Window


I have identified a bug in at least build 11903, probably previous versions as well. I am recieving reports from those testing this build that ocassionally a person will have a status icon in the chat window that differs from the one on the contact list.

Example 1: User show as away in my chat window, however, in the contact list they are available. (I only noticed this because I thought it was odd they were typing to me when away.)

Exampe 2: User shows offline in the chat window, however, they are online in the course list.

I have tried clossing the chat window and reopening, but this did not resolve the issue. It seems that there status icon is simply not getting updated inside the chat window.

If it helps I have observed this has not happened since I stoped spark from launching on startup.

I couldn’t reproduce this bug. Could you please describe step by step instruction.

I can not really give reproducable instructions as this does not happen for every user, just some users.

I have attached a screen shot of what I am seeing (I blured out the names).

Step 1: Double click to open the first name. (Everything is updating correctly).

Step 2: Double click the second name. (Everything is updating correctly).

Step 3: Double click the third name.

  • The message window status does not match the contact list.

Step 4: Walked to the persons office and verified that they are in an available status.

It appears that the user had set away and set available again, but my contact list never got the update to become available again. What ever is happening the message window is getting the updated status, but the contact list is not.

I searched the issues page and if I read http://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-1037 correctly, then this may be related.

Yes it seems that this is the same bug.

The problem is that I do not understand what the subscription listener has to do with the presence icons on the contact list. It seems to me that there must be an if else statment somewhere that is not working correctly or an unexpected exception that causes the presence to stop updating. I thought about moving it up in the build sequence, but I don’t think that would help as this bug seems to happen after being online for several hours in my case.