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Status not updating

We are currently testing out Openfire with the Spark client. For some reason on one user’‘s machine the client will not keep it’‘s contact list up to date. For example, I were to set my status to “Away”, it would not reflect that on his client. The only time it updates is if he were to sign off and back on. This is also true of when people go on/offline. We have turned off the Windows firewall to see if that was interfering somehow, but to no avail. This doesn’'t seem to be limited to only the spark client, as the same thing happens with Pidgin and Pandion. Has anyone else had this problem?


if you start Spark without auto-login you can select “Advanced”, “[x] Start debugger on startup” within Spark and use he debugger to check whether your presence is not sent by your client, not received by the other client or received but ignored by the other client.

I did not see such a problem yet so I wonder if Openfire has a problem with the used xmpp.domain and writes routing errors in its log files.


It looks like it is sending the presence, just not receiving them. However I am not seeing anything in any of the logs.

Hmm, it looks like this is being affected by the account, and not the machine. I tried this account on a different machine and am getting the same results. I am getting all the user data from LDAP, I wonder if there is something in there that is interfering somehow?


I have no idea why LDAP should cause problems, maybe an issue with upper case or special characters. I wonder if the affected user(s) is receiving no presence packets or only of some users and if you could post some presence packets (remove sensitive data).

I hope that this account did not set up a default privacy list which blocks incoming presence requests, this would explain a lot.


I had the same problem with one account. If you aren’'t using LDAP groups (so users need to request being accepted as “friends”) then I would delete those contacts and recreate them. Once I did that with the one problem account and then asked to be a “friend” or something again and went through the mutual accept dialogs, the status worked fine.