Status of Asterisk-IM Plugin?

Is this pretty much abandoned? The last change was made in 2007. It still seems to work with 1.6.X Asterisk, however there are some errors in the logs which I can only assume are from outdated calls to the asterisk manager.

I may try to decompile the .jar file and see what it’s doing to perform the manager functions, but wondering if anyone else is actively maintaining this project.

The errors i see are:

2010.02.01 18:13:38 [java.util.logging.Logger.log(Unknown Source)] Unable to set property ‘uniqueid’ to ‘1265048016.48’ on org.asteriskjava.manager.event.DialEvent: no setter

Not sure what that means specifically, I need to re test a fresh install with 1.4.X and 1.6.X and see what breaks when. Ironically this solves another issue I had in an earlier post (how to disable popups) so in theory it’s a bonus.


I would like to know if there has been more recent version than the one on the page. The “On the phone” status bug is really nasty.

Is there any place where we can download the sourcecode for it?

I think you can simply copy the jar file, and uncompress it… it’s a zip file…

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This project is indeed abandoned and there is no information is it going to be maintained. There is simply no volunteer developers to do that. There is no need to decompile this plugin. You can always find the source

The plugin still works right?

What are the issues?

Is there an issues list?

I can probably fix the plugin if someone can give me a list of currents bugs.

I don’t think there’s an issue list. I haven’t tryed the plugin since a year but if I remember the biggest problem was the need to use Sparks as a jabber client. If you are using Empathy, Pidgin or any other xmpp client, this was not working…

Would you be able to make this plugin work with other xmpp client ? I don’t know if there’s other issue because this one stop me to test it…

Main issue over here is that from time to time, status on Spark reads “On the phone” when this buddy isn’t really on the phone. I’m unable to tell the specific moment this happens, but I think it happens when somebody gets AFK.