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Status of Openfire

Forgive the question, but I am new to the community, but what is the status of this project?

Reason why I am asking is that the roadmap has not have an update in over a year, XIFF has been stuck in beta for a long time, and installation and configuration of the server seems to have a fair amount of issues for a 3.x product. I know a lot of free time is placed into this, but we are investigating which Jabber server to use for our production application, and if Openfire’s flame is diminishing, we would like to know before we get too far into it.

Just a quick reality check and future for a newbie is appreciated. Just a “live and growing”, “static”, or “losing momentum” metric would help.


I would use the term “reorganizing”. The timeline for this reorganizing remains to be seen. There are lots of openfire installs out there with talented developers behind them, so I doubt it will ever become “dead”. Kick the tires on openfire and let the community know of what issues you find.