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Status update from Jive

Hey all,

Thanks to several people that have poked us about the status of the Asterisk-IM plugin. Unfortunately, there always seems to be a million things to do and not enough time. The engineer here who worked on the plugin is now too busy to do additional maintenance work. So:

  • I’‘d like to make an official plea for development help from the Asterisk-IM user base. If you’'re familiar with Java and Asterisk and are willing to help, drop me an email.

  • I’'m going to send out some direct emails to a few engineers that might be able to help.

My gut feeling is that it’'s not going to be a ton of work to bring the current code base into a good working state, especially given all the recent improvements in the Asterisk-Java project (http://asterisk-java.org/). However, there are lots of cool new features that could be added if the plugin got regular development love.

I hope to have some good news to report soon.



It’'s disappointing that the engineer has been pulled in a different direction. The Asterisk-IM integration is the main differentiator that brought me to this platform.

Just as a status update – I’‘ve gotten several offers to help with development so thank you! I’‘m hoping that a new dev team will be able to make some fast progress. We’'ll keep reporting it here.