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Step by step asterix configuration

Dear all,

Can some one help me or guide me how to configure asterix-IM? I’'m a little bit confuse with that.


First, add something like this to manager.conf in your asterisk install. Adjust the permit string as required.

secret = im



read = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user

write = system,call,log,verbose,command,agent,user

Install the Asterisk-IM plugin into your wildfire server (like path: /opt/wildfire/plugins on a linux box). You may need to restart Wildfire

Then in your wildfire admin tool (http://wildfirehost:9090) you will see an Asterisk-IM tab on the top…be sure to setup your wild fire users first, then go into the Asterisk-IM tab

Setup the connection to Asterisk on the first screen. You will need to the IP address of the Asterisk server, the username (you specificed in manager.conf, eg: asterskim) and the secret you set (eg: im). You may also need your context, as the default is: from-sip.

Save that info and wait a few seconds then go into the Phone Mappings (left side) and associate a user with an extension.

Dear gmsmith,

thanks for your answer. anyway, i’‘m having a little problem finding manager.conf in asterisk-im folder which is does not appear anywhere. can you give me more specifically location regarding where i’‘ve to write the configuration. Note that, i’‘m using jive messenger not wildfire messenger (even it’'s a same company ) but it could be give a different way to setting


best regards,

Raymond V.

manager.conf is an asterisk file, it would be in your asterisk directory tree (check: /etc/asterisk)

Also, you may want to look at upgrading to Wildfire (2.4.0) as opposed to the older version…Jive Messanger.

Dear gmsmith,

I’'ve found the file. the name of the file is ManagerConfig.class is this the right file that i should edit and put the new configuration into that file?


No, in your ASTERISK installation, not the JiveMessage installation, there is a file called manager.conf. That is the text file you need to edit in Asterisk to allow interaction from Asterisk-IM.

dear gmsmith,

Let’'s make this clear. Sorry for the newbe question

I’‘ve download the asterisk-im.jar and put it into the plugins folder under the jive_messenger folder, and i’'m using a admin menu to install it into the jive_messenger. Is there any other way to install the asterisk?

thx for the answer.

best regards


Asterisk-IM is not Asterisk, it is just the connection tool between the two software packages. You need to install Asterisk either from source or using something like Asterisk@Home.

Before you try either, you may want to spend some time reading up on Asterisk over at http://asteriskathome.sourceforge.net or http://voip-info.org


Indeed. Asterisk is not a very easy install or config, unfortunately. You may wish to check out AMP, the Asterisk Management Portal (http://coalescentsystems.ca/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid= 57) to help you get Asterisk properly configured.