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Step by Step Handbook for ADS/LDAP integration

There is much written over Active Directory, but nowhere how you can

bring it in

  1. Is there nowhere a easy guidance how you can bring it in???

  2. In the forum i only read, that it make problems! Why “Jive” didnt make a Web Administration for that?

  3. I also have read somwhere, that i should write the Administrator

Pwassword in a xml-file? That’'s not safety at all. Especially everybody can read a


If you need someone to hold you hand, you should buy something!

You have to specify a username and password in your xml file so that it can bind to Active Directory. You can enable anonymous connections to Active Directory…does that sound more secure? Wildfile should be installed on a server with very limited user access to the file system meaning your XML file should not be at risk.

You can use permissions on the XML file to protect it or create a username and password just for read rights to the active directory.

Yes, it is a pain to get active directory working sometimes. Took me 4 days. But with the help from the good people in here I was able to get it working and understand it a little better. It really is easy as you will see once its setup. At least the basic functions are. Its gets a little harder when you start throwing in searches and such. Since I went through a little trouble I think I can help you get it working. I might not do a step by step article for you but collect.

Determine your host name (domain controller)

The username you are going to use to login to the consol

Your domain name, example company.local

The username that will be used to read your active directory (adminDN)

The password for the AdminDN

Once you get that it should be easy to connect. Once you can connect you can move on to other things to narrow down exactly the way you want it to be configured. Remember this though. Do not use spaces for username or OU’‘s and DC’'s. Example. This will not work, DC=My Users,dc=company,dc=local. It will not except spaces.

When you are ready let me know and I will help you as much as I can.

Something that not many people thing about is that the problems with AD intergration have less to do with Wildfire and more to do with the complexity of an LDAP setup. Using LDAP (espcially with AD) is not trivial with any application.

Ive had quite a bit of experience with other LDAP based applications, and I have to say that Wildfire’'s configuration is one of the better ones for LDAP. If you dont understand LDAP well, expect a little frustration trying to get Wildfire to use it, and remember that is only because you dont understand LDAP well yet. And if you really want it to work, there are always support contracts.

hi, i have worked a lot on my AD ldap setup,

i just posted it.


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