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Steps to configure Openfire on Amazon Web Service


I have installed Openfire on my local windows machine and everything is working fine. Now I want to install or configure it on AWS. Could someone please point me to some link or document for this. I think AWS machine is Linux.

Thank you.

Could somebody please help me? Thanks

What exactly do you want to know? I have installed Openfire on an AWS machine as well, however it is running Windows Server 2012. Installation was pretty straight-forward. On Linux I imagne it would be similar. You need to make sure to open the ports you need on your AWS Security Group, as well as on the machine if Linux has a firewall.

Thanks Hansa. Earlier I had linux machine on AWS so was not able to RDP. I chose windows machine yesterday, installed openfire on it but it is not accessible from outside network. I have minimal security setting with inbound and outbound traffic access to all.

Well, on my machine I have allowed ALL traffic through both the windows firewall and the AWS Security Group. This is not very safe, but the openfire server is accessible. I think at the very least, you need to open port 5280 on both the AWS Security group and on the windows firewall. If you want to use BOSH, you would also need to open port 7070.

Thank you…I had to open ports in firewall. Working great now.