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STILL displaying names incorrectly

I brought this up in this thread: http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/message.jspa?messageID=142010#142010

The registration plugin has been fixed, and a new version is on the plugins page, even though it doesn’'t report that it is a new version.

BUT… spark has NOT been fixed… I am running openfire 3.2.4 server and spark 2.5.0 release on ALL clients and I still have people with names with a space in them showing up as “tim\20jones” without the quotes obviously…

when the name should be “tim jones”… if anyone can give me some help on this I would really appreciate it, as I have 1128 people to get setup, and I NEED to be able to set it up with spaces in the name…

Also on a side note… are the preferences being store somewhere else with 2.5.0, I edited spark.properties on some clients, and spark seems to just ignore the changes I made…


It looks like this issue is filed as SPARK-575. Definitely vote for this issue if you’'d like to see it fixed!