Still having problems with "status" of users

Hi guys,

I’‘ve been fighting with this for days and so far no success at all. As I have posted in another thread messageID=135197. I have tested all kinds of group/users filters. A bit of history: I’'m using wildfire-3.1.1, openldap-2.2.13-4 in a linux enterprise box. My old setup was with wildfire-3.1.0beta3 and was working ok.

From a admin console I can all users and all groups, and I can share these groups with no problem. When a user logs in he will see all users that are logged but after that he will not see new users logging in. Also, if someone changes his status from online to Do Not Disturb for example, not all users will see this change. If someone logs off not all users will see that user logging off. The strange part is from admin console I can see all changes and all right and for some accounts everything works. I did export two accounts (one working the other not) from my ldap and I did compare them, and guess what … they look just the same.

Why doesn’'t the client receive the Presence Received package? Am I doing something wrong ?

A bit more information on my investigation:

From Smack Debug Window I can see the Presence Sent package but I cannot see others package when they change their status Presence Receive. Again, on the server, from Admin console everything is just fine.

Presence Sent package:


here is my wildfire.xml config file as it is:

If there is another info/file that I can provide to try to solve the issue . … let me know guys.


How are you doing the group sharing? You might be seeing the same problem I am/was. Check my earlier posting & see if it matches your description.

Hi Pc_Pixel good to hear that I’‘m not the only lucky guy with the problem anyway, what I’‘m doing to share my groups is quite simple: I have 8 groups in total and all of them are stored in my openldap. The first group (let’‘s call it Main) I have all users in it and I do not share it, meaning only people within the group will see it. The other 7 groups I share with the Main group, that way I can have in the user’'s roster the following:

  1. Main group (all users)

  2. Plus 7 other groups ( IT, Accounting, HR, etc)

maybe my groupsearchfilter is wrong … I’‘m not sure anymore. The thing is from Admin console everything is there and everything is just right. I can see the presence changing… I can see all the 8 groups and its members. And again, with my old setup everything was working just fine. Since we had several changes from 3.1.0beta3 to 3.1.1 regarding LDAP, maybe that’‘s what I’'m doing wrong… need some help to get it working again.


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Yep. You are experiencing the exact same thing I was, but I wasn’'t using LDAP. I had a main group that all the users belonged to, and created smaller groups that were shared to the larger group.

Try this: first, look at your RAM usage (refresh the screen a couple of times) and write down the peak RAM usage.

Go in, and share the groups amongst themselves (ie: start w group #1, and specifically share it w groups 2-8).

Repeat the process for the other groups (the current group you are editing will always be omitted from the list).

REMOVE the share to the global group in EACH case.

Reboot your server, and have everyone re-connect.

Once all the users have reconnected, check to see if status is working & then check your peak RAM consumption.

Hey Pc_pixel,

I’‘ve checked all you said … RAM, shared groups and even restarted the server (which I’'m really against to) and everything looks the same …meaning … I still have the presence problem. Gato was helping wth the issue but he just disappeared hey Gato !! where are you ??

Anyway, I’'m still struggling and with no new ideas … so … what you say ?